We offer a range of workshops on different aspects of digital strategy and development. These can be tailored to your particular organisational needs and challenges and can be offered as standalone sessions or as part of a bigger project with you. In person is always better but many of these can also be run online.

Get in touch to discuss details and pricing.

  • User research. Do you want to find out more about your potential audiences or current users so you can better meet their needs? Robust user research needs to be targeted to produce usable insight and employ appropriate methodologies to answer different questions, we can show you how to do this successfully and within your available resources.
  • Implementing user insight. Now you have lots of user data, what do you do with it? How do you interpret it? How do you turn it into a roadmap for developing your offer? As well as facilitating this process as part of our consultancy work, we can also train you and your team in doing this for yourselves.
  • Creating a brief. Digital procurement can be a huge headache for smaller organisations in particular. How do you make sure you put the right information in the brief and identify the best supplier for you? We have tools to share and processes to work through with you to take the pain out of procurement.
  • Iterative design/game design. Our fun and practical game design workshop is a good primer on interactive product design of any sort, or even as a team building experience. But it can also lead to playable games to use in your own engagement, educational or training projects. For more on game design workshops run by our lead consultant, Martha, see her own website with more details and testimonials from past participants.
  • Demystifying digital. If you are used to working in analogue spaces, the digital world can feel daunting and confusing. The chances are, though, that you already have the skills to deal with it, it's just about making connections between those and applying them to online platforms and behaviours. We can provide tailored training for teams, boards, trustees and small organisations to introduce tools such as remote working or online meetings, the basics of social media, challenges with digital content and more.

If there are other aspects of our available services that you would like to have turned into training for your organisation, this may also be possible. Let us know.

Testimonials for past workshops permalink

“Martha Henson is a talented and engaged communicator who I can highly recommend as a speaker and facilitator. She is a popular guest speaker for my class on digital engagement, and is outstanding at motivating the students and guiding them through a wide range of immersive activities. “ Carol Nahra, Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University London Programme

“Martha provided a very active and thought provoking workshop. The session was well structured to ensure a focus on the dynamics of group learning through game based play. The lightning game design session was great and resulted in ideas that were based firmly around the mechanics of game design. Martha is great at group facilitation and getting people to think outside the box.” – Graham Davies, Digital Programmes Manager, National Museum Wales

“iI was brilliantly designed and well timed, with a good balance of interactive and instructional elements” “Extremely useful and really energising – I left excited at the thought of gamifying each and every presentation going forward (which was the point right?)” “Such a great session! It was really fun and she was really engaging. I liked the session as it was as it was a good mix of learning, playing and designing.” M&C Saatchi World Service participants