We know how daunting it can be to untangle stakeholder and user needs to make a good plan for a digital project, to decide which tools and platforms to invest organisational time and money in, to find the time to oversee complex digital development, to write a good brief or funding bid or, sometimes, to even know where to start.

Tech Works For Us can use our many years of experience working with a diverse range of companies and organisations to guide you through this process and build your digital confidence.

Find out more details about us, our services, and our commitment to sustainability below, or read testimonials and details about past projects on ourCase Studiespage.

Our Services permalink

  • Consultancy and advice on digital projects
  • User and audience research
  • Product management and digital delivery support
  • Support with scoping, brief writing and procurement
  • Mentoring organisations through the process of improving their digital offer

What We Can Help With permalink

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by technology or uncertain if you are doing it “right”? Do you need another pair of safe digital hands to support your existing team?
  • Are you about to start a big digital project and want to check that your plan is sensible?
  • Are you worried you might not be spending your budget wisely or need it to stretch further?
  • Do you want help making sure your digital offer fits your organisational objectives and values?
  • Are you thinking about the environmental impact of your digital offer and want help to make sure it is more sustainable?
  • Would you like to know your audience better so you can connect with them and meet their needs?
  • Do you need help writing a brief, turning an idea into a solid funding application or prioritising a roadmap?

Sustainability and social impact permalink

Minimising the impact of digital products and services on the environment is at the heart of our values. Web traffic can produce a surprising amount of carbon emissions, the scale of which is only now getting wider recognition.

Luckily, there are some straightforward things you can do to help keep this to a minimum; we are keeping an eye on research and best practice in this area in order to build this into our advice for you. We also consider social factors to prevent unwanted consequences and make sure that digital projects meet ours and your ethical standards.

About Our Founder permalink

Martha Henson is our founder, bringing in other expert consultants, developers and specialists as needed. An early adopter of Internet technologies, Martha started building websites in the mid 90s. Back then, the web was a glorious mess of frantic Notepad-built special interest websites, X-Files Usenet groups and unregulated chatrooms. It’s come a long way since, and so has she.

Today, she can draw on a long and varied history of work in “digital”. This has included product management, content production from filmmaking to writing, user research and analysis, project evaluation and digital strategy. She has worked in broadcast, the cultural sector, edtech, healthtech, the charitable sector and beyond.

She has taught digital production skills for Syracuse University, the National Film and Television School and the Arts Marketing Association amongst others, and has written and spoken widely. She is a mentor for leading Tech for Good accelerator Bethnal Green Ventures and has mentored for the National Lottery Heritage Fund. For more details visit her own website at www.marthahenson.com.

About This Site permalink

This website is built to be as carbon efficient as possible. It minimises power use both server side and on your device.

You can find out more about how and why we built it this way on our blog.

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